2014 Pride Houston T-Shirt Fundraiser

Houston Gaymers strives to bring together the LGBT gaming community through our online community and monthly meet ups.

What is a Gaymer?

Gaymer or gay gamer is an umbrella term used to refer to the group of people who identify themselves as gay, bisexual, lesbian, or transgendered and have an active interest in the video game community.

About Our Group

Established in May of 2009, we have quickly become the largest gaymer community in Texas. Based on the idea of classic family game nights, Houston Gaymers strives to bring together the LGBT community through our online community and monthly meetups.

Our Mission

The mission of Gaymer Meetup, a registered non-profit organization, is to continually educate and promote awareness of diversity, culture, and acceptance of individuals based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

Upcoming events

Houston Gaymers April Meetup
Our monthly event held at 13 The Heights Bar in the Heights of Houston. You can expect console gamin...
Eric Hulsey Apr 26 2014, Saturday 08:00 PM
May Handhelds Connect!
Handhelds Connect is for all those gaymers out there that love to pick us a DS, or PSP Vita and conn...
Paul Huynh May 05 2014, Monday 07:30 PM
Houston Gaymers Fifth Birthday Meetup
It's not just your normal meetup this month, we will be celebrating the group's 5th birthday! Expect...
Eric Hulsey May 24 2014, Saturday 08:00 PM


Hey Y'all! Thank you everyone for another fantastic Houston Gaymers Meetup this past Saturday, March 29, 2014 at Thirteen in The Heights. The March meetup was a great way for us to jump into the spring and all ... more
Herro Gaymers! So Spring break is over and some of your board members took a trip out to SXSW in Austin to visit the Gaming Expo. We saw major console gaming companies XBOX and Nintendo represented, but unfortun... more

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